Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamonds

Discover our exclusive collection of loose yellow diamonds, each one a unique masterpiece ready to be transformed into the most astonishing fine jewellery. Yellow diamonds, also known as canary diamonds, are renowned for their brilliant hues and radiant beauty. These stunning gems range from faint yellow to intense, vivid shades, each reflecting the rare beauty of natural sunlight.
The yellow hue of these diamonds is created by the presence of nitrogen during their formation, resulting in a spectrum of shades that vary in intensity. From light lemon to deep golden hues, each yellow diamond is a testament to nature’s artistry. This vibrant colour makes yellow diamonds an exceptional choice for those seeking jewellery that stands out with elegance and splendour.
At the Engagement Rings Boutique in Hatton Garden, we proudly offer this private selection of yellow diamonds, making us the only place in this renowned jewellery district where you can find such a curated collection. Our diamonds are meticulously selected for their quality and brilliance, ensuring that every piece of jewellery crafted from them is nothing short of spectacular.


Are yellow diamonds more expensive?

Yellow diamonds can be more expensive than white diamonds but less than other fancy colours.

Are yellow diamonds more expensive than blue diamonds?

Blue diamonds are typically more expensive due to their rarity and higher purity.

What is special about yellow diamonds?

Yellow diamonds get their colour from nitrogen, creating a stunning and unique hue.

Why choose Engagement Rings Boutique for yellow diamonds?

We offer an exclusive, high-quality selection of yellow diamonds in Hatton Garden.

What hues can be found in yellow diamonds?

Yellow diamonds range from faint yellow to intense, vivid canary shades.

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