Pink Diamond

Pink Diamonds

Pink Diamonds are among the most sought-after gems in the world, celebrated for their romantic and feminine appeal. Found in a stunning range of hues, from soft blush to intense magenta, these diamonds are prized for their rarity and elegance. The only place to discover this exclusive collection in Hatton Garden is at the Engagement Rings Boutique. Here, you can view a private selection of pink diamonds, ready to be transformed into the most astonishing fine jewellery.

Pink diamonds are associated with tenderness, sweetness, and gracefulness. They are symbols of love and romance, making them a perfect choice for engagement rings and other special jewellery pieces. Due to their exceptional rarity, pink diamonds are significantly more expensive than other diamonds. The more vivid the natural colour, the higher the value.

To experience the enchantment of pink diamonds, book an appointment today and be mesmerised by this exquisite collection.


Are pink diamonds more expensive?

Yes, pink diamonds can be up to 20 times more expensive than white diamonds due to their rarity.

Why are pink diamonds so rare?

Pink diamonds are incredibly rare, with most originating from a now-closed mine in Australia.

What is the significance of pink diamonds?

Pink diamonds symbolise love, tenderness, and elegance.

What hues can be found in pink diamonds?

Pink diamonds come in shades ranging from soft blush to deep magenta.

What hues can be found in yellow diamonds?

Yellow diamonds range from faint yellow to intense, vivid canary shades.

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