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Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds are a unique and rare gemstone, cherished for their vibrant hues and extraordinary beauty. These diamonds owe their stunning orange colour to traces of nitrogen in their structure. The depth of the orange shade depends on the concentration of nitrogen atoms, making each diamond distinct.

Natural orange diamonds are considered among the rarest coloured diamonds, often ranked just after red, violet, pink, and blue diamonds in terms of rarity. Their bright and warm tones are linked with feelings of energy, vitality, and joy, making them a perfect choice for special jewellery pieces.

At the Engagement Rings Boutique in Hatton Garden, you can find an exclusive collection of loose orange diamonds, ready to be transformed into breathtaking fine jewellery. This boutique is the only place in Hatton Garden offering such a private selection of orange diamonds. The shop’s dedicated team ensures that every diamond is of the highest quality, perfect for creating stunning engagement rings or other unique jewellery items.

To truly appreciate the beauty and rarity of these orange diamonds, it is highly recommended to book an appointment. Come and be mesmerised by the exceptional collection or rare diamonds.


What causes the orange colour in diamonds?

The orange hue comes from traces of nitrogen in the diamond's structure.

How rare are natural orange diamonds?

They are among the fourth or fifth rarest coloured diamonds.

What do orange diamonds symbolise?

They symbolise energy, creativity, and joy.

Are orange diamonds more expensive than other diamonds?

While valuable, they are not as expensive as some other purely coloured diamonds due to their rarity.

Where can I find a selection of orange diamonds?

At the Engagement Rings Boutique in Hatton Garden.

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